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Always Be Prepared: Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan Basics Infographic

Whenever an emergency, like a fire, strikes, the initial moments leading up to the event are critical. When the clock is ticking, it’s essential that you and your loved ones know exactly what to do to stay safe.

With California being the state most prone to wildfires, it’s vital for you to have a fire emergency evacuation plan in place. This ensures everybody is prepared for a wildfire.  

Don’t know where to begin? Check out our infographic below and start with these six basic steps.



Create Your Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan

It’s crucial to be prepared before a fire hits your home. Follow these six steps to be prepared and stay protected.

  • Draw a map of your house: Draw a simple map of your home that everyone in your household can easily understand. Clearly note where all of the exits are, including windows and doors. Plot the safest ways to evacuate the house on your map.


  • Find two exits out of each room: Identify two safe exits out of each room. These can be doorways and windows. It’s important that everyone knows how to swiftly exit the room and leave the house.


  • Designate an outdoor meeting place: Pick a safe place outside for everyone to meet. This can be a tree near the street or your mailbox.


  • Call 911: If you have small kids, make sure they know what numbers to dial in case of an emergency, including 911 and the local fire department.


  • Do plenty of rehearsals: Practice makes perfect. Do a monthly rehearsal of your fire evacuation plan. Ensure everyone knows how to quickly evacuate the house from each room.


  • Don’t enter the house until it is deemed safe to do so: Never go back inside your house to gather personal belongings. Teach your children the importance of not entering the home until the authorities deem it safe to do so, even if the flames are put out.

Our Tree Trimming Services Can Reduce Your Risk

Green Leaf Zone’s tree pruning services can reduce your home’s risk of a fire. Trimming low-hanging branches away from your house can help keep the flames at bay. 

With over 35 years of experience, our licensed tree care arborists offer 24/7 emergency assistance. We also provide stump removal and brush clearing solutions.

To learn more, contact us today at (818) 452-3470 for your free quote.


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