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Protecting Your Home Against Wildfires Checklist

Did you know that more than 14,000 Californian homes are at risk of being burned by wildfires? It’s essential to be prepared well before the season starts to protect your home and your loved ones. 

To help you protect your home against the risk of wildfires, the brush clearing specialists at Green Leaf Zone have put together this handy infographic that tells you everything you need to know about getting your home prepared for wildfire season.

Loose, dry brush is the primary fuel upon which wildfires feed and spread from one area to the next, destroying property and people’s lives in their wake. As residents of the Los Angeles area, it’s essential that we all play our part to maintain our properties and protect our communities against the threat of wildfires.




Protect Your Home Against Wildfires Checklist

Currently, over 14,000 residential homes in California are at risk of being destroyed by wildfires. Don’t become a statistic. Follow our six-step guide to protect your home from the flames.

Clean Your Gutters

Keep your gutters debris-free. Dead leaves and branches can easily ignite. Use non-combustible gutter covers.

Window Protection

Install tempered-glass, multi-pane windows. Keep them closed when there is a wildfire alert.

Decrease Fence Fire Risks

Ensure your fences and gates are made from non-combustible materials. Burning fences can elevate your home’s risk.

Regularly Check Your Detectors

Properly working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors save lives!

Have Fire Extinguishers on Hand

Keep at least one fire extinguisher in your home to quickly put out flames.

Trim Your Trees

Trim back tree branches that hang too close to your home.

For residents of the Greater Los Angeles area, clearing the brush from your property and maintaining the vegetation in your outdoor space is crucial.

Why Choose Green Leaf Zone?

  • We’re a leader in residential brush clearing, with substantial experience serving commercial and municipal clients.
  • We’re one of the few companies on the Los Angeles Fire Department Brush Clearance approved contractor list.
  • We are working under contract for the Los Angeles Fire Department and for the City of Los Angeles.
  • We are qualified to provide hazard reduction services to help landowners comply with clearance regulations.

For Everything Outdoors, We’ve Got You Covered

Preparing for wildfire season is not just about making sure your home itself is as fire-resistant as possible. Clearing the loose brush and dead trees from your property is one of the most effective ways to protect it and stop the spread of wildfires across your community.

The tree trimming experts at Green Leaf Zone are available 24/7 to offer assistance. With over 35 years of experience, our licensed specialists offer quality tree care solutions to Los Angeles County residents. To learn how our services can protect your home this wildfire season, contact us today. Call (818) 659 2945 to get your free quote now.

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