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Tree Removal Services In Mulholland, CA

Located in Eastern Santa Monica Mountains and Hollywood Hills, Mulholland is a road famous for being in several books, songs, and even movies. In fact, there’s even a 2001 movie named after the street itself – Mulholland Drive. To further recognize its Hollywood roots, award-winning actor Jack Nicholson has lived on Mulholland Drive for years, and still lives there to this day. So this area has quite the history, especially when it comes to the film industry. Unfortunately, this classic road is also part of a high fire hazard zone. And this means it’s more likely to experience dangerous fires that a tree removal service will help with.

Tree Removal & Maintenance Services

An important part of keeping your home safe from fire is making sure your trees are well-maintained. If you have tree damage such as excessive leaf loss, frail bark, or brittle limbs, your trees are more susceptible to fires. Our tree pruning service can ensure they’re trimmed in such a way they stay healthy longer and avoid the tree damage issues mentioned earlier. But if necessary, we can also do tree removal as well, making your home both safer and better looking in the process. And in the case you have a tree stump that’s become an eyesore, we have the training and equipment for stump removal as well.

Brush Clearing Service

Did you know the ember from a wildfire can reach up to a mile away? This can become a danger if you don’t manage your brush during wildfire season. And since fires feed on dry bush and can grow out of control from it, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by getting professional brush removal done on a regular basis. This is especially true if you live near the Mulholland area as it’s located in a high-fire area.

Tree Maintenance Is About More Than A Tidy Yard

In addition to keeping your trees healthy, pleasing to look at, and preventing tree damage, getting regular pruning done is important for wildfire safety, too. And the same goes for brush removal as well. In fact, the LA City Council set a brush clearing ordinance in 2017 to increase the safety of property and homes, especially in fire hazard areas. So getting professional tree removal and maintenance done is not only safe and convenient, it’ll help you stay compliant with the law as well.

24/7 Emergency Tree Care & Brush Clearing Services

The best way to keep your home not only looking great but safe from wildfire is to have the trees regularly trimmed and the dry vegetation around your property cleared properly by Green Leaf Zone, the #1 tree removal and brush clearing services in Los Angeles. On top of getting quality 24/7 service, we’ll make sure your yard is compliant with Los Angeles brush removal law as well. With 35 years of experience and a certified team working with you, you will feel safe and prepared, knowing you’ve made the right choice.

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