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Tree Removal Services In Los Feliz, CA

You can find Los Feliz in the Hollywood part of Los Angeles, just next to the Santa Monica Mountains. The name Los Feliz comes from its original land owner, José Vicente Feliz. In fact, many people are now referring to the area by the original meaning of Los Feliz, which is “the ones from the Feliz family. And the feliz in this interpretation means “happy.” But that doesn’t change the fact that this area is subject to wildfire damage due to it being in a high fire hazard zone. So special attention should be given to tree removal needs, which will help prevent this from affecting your home and property.

Tree Removal & Maintenance Services

When it comes to keeping your home safe from fire damage, you’ll get the most mileage by making sure your trees are maintained properly. For example, any trees with fragile limbs, peeling bark, or exaggerated leaf loss, are more likely to be a danger. Luckily, we have tree trimming services geared towards not only keeping your trees looking nice and pretty, but also improving their health and resilience to fires as well. But if needed, we can remove any trees that are beyond saving, which will make your home look better in the process. Lastly, if you have any tree stumps to deal with, we can grind them down or remove them altogether. 

Brush Clearing Service

The ember from a random wildfire can land up to a mile away. So imagine what could happen if you have dead brush littered across your yard – wouldn’t that be dangerous? Fires are especially receptive to this as it fuels their rapid growth, and can quickly become a threat to you and your home. So it’ll go a long way towards your family’s safety by getting brush removal service done for you by Green Leaf Zone’s team of tree removal and brush clearing experts on a regular basis.

Tree Maintenance Will Keep You Safe & Compliant

So not only is regular tree maintenance important for health and curb appeal, it helps with wildfire prevention as well. And the same goes for brush removal. If you didn’t know, there was a brush removal ordinance set in 2017 by the LA City Council. They actually check to make sure your brush is within city regulation for safety purposes. At Green Leaf Zone, we ensure your trees and brush are properly maintained, keeping you compliant with the city laws.

Tree Maintenance Professionals Available 24/7

If you’re ready to keep your home looking nice while also shielding it from dangerous wildfires, the Green Leaf Zone is here to help. We’ll make sure your trees are well-pruned and your yard is compliant with Los Angeles brush removal law. We have 35 years of experience and our high-trained team will make sure your experience is seamless.

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