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Homeowner’s Guide to 2023 Los Angeles Brush Clearance Regulations

Loose, dry brush is the primary fuel on which Southern California wildfires feed and spread. Consistent and effective brush clearing done by certified arborists is the only safe way to stay compliant with Los Angeles’ 2023 regulations and protect your property from the threat of wildfire, all while making it look its best.

Doing so not only insulates your own property and livelihood from the impending threat of wildfires, but also helps prevent the further spread of the blaze, thus protecting  your community and our city at large.

Green Leaf Zone’s arborists have over 35 years of experience between them to help you remove any potentially hazardous brush with ease. We are a licensed, bonded and insured brush clearing company that is among few currently on the Los Angeles Fire Departments Brush Clearance approved contractor list. We even hold vegetation management with the Los Angeles Fire Department as well as the City of Los Angeles. If you are looking for a professional brush clearing contractor to help you prepare for this year’s upcoming wildfire season and comply with the LAFD’s brush clearance ordinances, we can help!

Check out our helpful infographic below to stay on top of LA’s brush clearance regulations for 2023 and help protect yourself and your community from the threat of wildfires this upcoming season.

2023 Los Angeles County Brush Clearance Regulations

2023 Los Angeles County Brush Clearance Regulations

Clearing the loose, dry brush on your property is an essential part of protecting your home and community against wildfires. Use this handy breakdown of LA’s 2023 brush clearance regulations to protect your property from wildfires.

Keep your roof clear of leaves, twigs, needles, and other debris. Don’t let overhanging branches come within less than 5 feet of your roof.

Keep all trees trimmed so that all foliage is 10+ feet away from your chimney. If the tree is larger than 18 feet, trim the lower branches so all foliage is more than 6 feet off the ground. For trees and shrubs shorter than 18 feet, remove all lower branches to 1/3 of their height. Keep the ground clear of all dead materials.

Keep all grass and native brush within 200 feet of your fence or shed at a height of 3 inches or less. For added protection, only install fire-resistant fencing on your property.

Keep your spread material at least 10 feet away from all roadways.

Our Brush Clearing Experts Can Help Insulate Your Home From Wildfires

With years of experience in protecting homes in Los Angeles County from the threat of fires, Green Leaf Zone’s licensed and insured team provides comprehensive brush clearing services to help homeowners comply with LA laws for 2022. Our eco-friendly techniques ensure minimal impact on trees, wildlife, and soil – so your property can stay safe and healthy.

To get your free brush clearing quote, contact us today by calling (818) 452-3470.

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