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Tree Services In North Hills

Tree Services In North Hills

North Hills is a neighborhood of Los Angeles located toward the center of the San Fernando Valley and north of Downtown LA. The area was initially named Mission Acres but the name was changed to Sepulveda in 1927, and then again to North Hills in 1991. That year, residents of the western half of Sepulveda voted to secede from the eastern side of the city and thus, North Hills was born. Developers in the early 20th century divided the land of what was then Mission Acres into 1 acre plots which were fed by the newly constructed Los Angeles aqueduct and sold for agricultural purposes. Over the next century, North Hills moved away from agriculture into a burgeoning suburb that is now home to around 63,000 residents.  


If your North Hills property has a sizable outdoor space which requires a lot of attention to keep it safe and tidy, you could likely use the assistance of a professional tree service company in order to handle it properly. At Green Leaf Zone, we have built a reputation for providing affordable, efficient tree removal and pruning, brush clearing and stump grinding services to residents of the San Fernando Valley. If you are in the market for expert tree services at a reasonable rate, look no further than Green Leaf Zone!

Tree Removal and Pruning in North Hills

Managing the trees on your property is no small feat. In addition to the effort it requires, particularly without the proper training and equipment, it is also the cause of a significant number of accidents amongst homeowners due to the dangers involved. The Green Leaf Zone team takes all the stress and hassle out of vegetation management by providing comprehensive tree removal, pruning and stump grinding services that won’t break the bank. We have seen it all and there’s no tree too tall or stump too wide for our experts to tackle safely and effectively!

Brush Clearing In North Hills

If you have a large yard with ample vegetation, you already know how quickly loose brush can pile up and become unmanageable. Even if you dedicate significant time and effort to clearing the brush on your property, some aspects require more specialized equipment and knowledge to get the job done right. Removing this brush from your property is essential due to the increased prevalence of wildfires in the San Fernando Valley area. If left unchecked, this brush becomes a major fuel that makes wildfires far more difficult to extinguish and places you and your community at risk.

At Green Leaf Zone, we make excessive vegetation and overgrown brush clearing a breeze. Our skilled arborists use heavy-duty equipment to remove every last bit of loose brush and leave your outdoor space less vulnerable to the threat of wildfires.

Fire Safety in North Hills

As residents of Southern California, wildfires have become a major concern for us all. As they continue to grow in size and frequency, the City of Los Angeles continues to increase and enforce brush and weed clearing ordinances in an effort to combat this threat to our communities. For example, there was a recent update to LAFD fire safety code that now requires home and business owners to also clear any dead palm fronds from their property as these have been found to significantly fuel wildfires. 


Part of being a responsible, conscientious property owner in this region is contributing to this collective effort. If you are in need of assistance in clearing the brush, palm fronds or dead trees from your property in order to comply with local fire codes, the specialists at Green Leaf Zone have got you covered!

Tree Removal & Brush Clearing You Can Count On

Removing dying or diseased trees, pruning living ones, and clearing brush are big jobs, particularly for homeowners without expertise or access to the equipment required. If you’re seeking tree removal or brush clearing services in North Hills, contact us 24/7 to address all your needs.

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