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Tree Services In Montebello

Tree Services In Montebello

Montebello is an independent city within Los Angeles located just east of East LA and south of Monterey Park. It is considered one of the Gateway Cities, along with 25 other municipalities in the southeast part of Los Angeles County. During the early 1900’s, much of Montebello was built around the oil industry because of the large reserves discovered beneath the city, replacing the agricultural economy it had previously developed. The Standard Oil Company discovered oil in 1917 and the city became incorporated just a few years later, in October of 1920. The oil boom that defined the majority of the 20th century for Montebello brought oil workers from far and wide, helping to develop the city into what it is today. Though relatively small in size, Montebello is currently home to around 61,000 residents.

If your Montebello property has sufficient green space that requires consistent upkeep, you may be in the market for professional tree and brush services from a provider you can trust. Green Leaf Zone has built a reputation in the Los Angeles area for affordable, efficient tree removal and pruning, brush clearing and stump grinding services and outstanding customer service.

Tree Removal and Pruning in Montebello

Removing dead or diseased trees and pruning the living ones can be a potentially dangerous and laborious task if you don’t have the knowledge or equipment required. At Green Leaf Zone, our team of expert arborists has been providing comprehensive tree removal, pruning, and stump grinding services to homeowners throughout the Greater LA area for over a decade. We use heavy equipment designed specifically for large-scale vegetation management and will leave your outdoor space both looking great and free of any dead or dying trees and stumps.

Brush Clearing In Montebello

With wildfire season fast approaching, clearing the brush on your property in an environmentally-friendly way is a necessity when it comes to protecting your property and that of your neighbors. Wildfires primarily feed on loose, dry brush, so staying on top of managing it is an important safety precaution. As Southern Californians, we must all do our part to maintain our own little piece of the environment we share in order to mitigate the potential damage of wildfires.

At Green Leaf Zone, we do all we can to make brush clearing and general vegetation management as easy as possible for Montebello homeowners. As soon as we arrive, we identify all of the dying or diseased vegetation that needs to be dealt with and remove it safely and effectively.

Fire Safety in Montebello

The City of Los Angeles has continued to ramp up requirements for brush and weed clearing in a concerted attempt to reduce the damage caused by wildfires. California fire departments are encouraging home and business owners to create a buffer of defensible space on their property so that firefighters have room to move in and protect their vulnerable structures. The LAFD fire safety code has recently been updated and now requires that homeowners also clear dead palm fronds, as they have been recognized as a significant fuel for wildfires.


The experts at Green Leaf Zone have been handling Southern California vegetation for over a decade and can provide assistance clearing loose brush, dry palm fronds or dead trees from your property in order to comply with local fire codes.

Tree Removal & Brush Clearing You Can Count On

Removing dying or diseased trees, pruning living ones, and clearing brush are big jobs, particularly for homeowners without expertise or access to the equipment required. If you’re seeking tree removal or brush clearing services in Montebello, contact us 24/7 to address all your needs.

For more info, contact Green Leaf Zone at (818) 452-3470. You can also fill out our online contact form for a free consultation.