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Tree Services In Arleta

Arleta is a small neighborhood in the central San Fernando Valley located south of San Fernando and north of Panorama City. Its population is largely residents who were born outside of the US, particularly in Latin America, making it one of the most diverse communities in the area. Arleta was also home to several famous Americans, most notably the singing group The Osmonds, who rose to fame in the early 1970s. It was also the filming location for the home of the fictional McFly family from the 1980s classic Back to the Future.


If your Arleta property has a large outdoor area that requires a lot of maintenance, you might be in search of professional assistance to help rid your yard of loose brush, dying or diseased trees, or other forms of vegetation. At Green Leaf Zone, we have built our name across Los Angeles by providing property owners with cost-effective tree removal and pruning, brush clearing and stump grinding services paired with friendly customer service.

Tree Removal and Pruning in Arleta

Green Leaf Zone specializes in providing affordable, comprehensive tree removal and maintenance services to homeowners in Arleta and across the San Fernando Valley. Staying on top of the health and appearance of your trees can be both labor-intensive and dangerous, particularly if you do not have the proper equipment to do it safely and effectively. 

Our team of certified arborists is both highly-trained and equipped to take care of everything from dead or damaged tree removal to pruning and stump grinding. We are fully insured professionals with the knowledge and experience to ensure that your trees are healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Brush Clearing In Arleta

Clearing the brush on your property in an environmentally-friendly way is also a tedious, time-consuming process, particularly if you don’t have equipment specialized for vegetation management. Brush and fallen trees are major sources of fuel for wildfires and can put your property at serious risk if they are not properly dealt with on a regular basis. 

Green Leaf Zone makes vegetation management and brush clearing simple and stress-free. Our team of experts use industrial equipment to leave your property both safer and more attractive so you can make the most of your outdoor space and have peace of mind throughout the wildfire season.

Fire Safety in Arleta

As wildfires continue to devastate the region year after year, the City of Los Angeles has issued requirements for brush and weed clearing. California fire departments insist that home and business owners do their part to prepare our communities for this persistent risk. If you are an Arleta property owner, part of your responsibility in the collective fight against wildfires is to make sure your land is free of loose, dry brush and dead or fallen trees.

With Green Leaf Zone, you don’t have to spend your free weekends attending to your outdoor space in order to stay in accordance with the local wildfire safety regulations. We have decades of experience leaving Southern California properties neat and tidy so they are buffered against the threat of wildfires.

Tree Removal & Brush Clearing You Can Count On

Removing dying or diseased trees, pruning living ones, and clearing brush are difficult jobs, particularly for homeowners without expertise or access to the equipment required. If you’re seeking tree removal or brush clearing services in Arleta or elsewhere in the San Fernando Valley, contact us 24/7 to address all your needs.

For more info, contact Green Leaf Zone at (818) 452-3470. You can also fill out our online contact form for a free consultation.