Tree Services In Reseda

Reseda is a neighborhood in the central San Fernando Valley part of Los Angeles. The area was originally inhabited by the Tongva Native American tribe, who lived throughout the Los Angeles Basin for around 3,000 years before coming into contact with early European settlers. In 1909, large swaths of land in the valley were purchased and developed by the Suburban Homes Company and the town, then known as Marian, was officially established in 1912. The name was later changed to Reseda in 1921 after the Reseda odorata, or mignonette, a fragrant plant commonly found throughout the area. At the time, Reseda had less than 100 residents. The Great Depression slowed the development of the area but following World War II, an economic boom led to an explosion of development of single-family homes on former agricultural lands. The suburb has continued to grow since and is now home to around 82,000 residents. Several movies have been either shot or set in Reseda, including The Karate Kid and Terminator 2, and it is famously referenced in Tom Petty,s classic hit “Free Fallin’”.

Like much of the San Fernando valley, Reseda is surrounded by dense woodlands that make it susceptible to wildfires. Part of being a home or business owner in this area of Los Angeles is making sure your property is prepared for the threat of wildfires. This means staying on top of removing dead trees and dry brush that could potentially fuel the blaze.

Tree Maintenance In Reseda

At Green Leaf Zone, our team of certified, bonded and insured professionals provides affordable tree removal and maintenance services to homeowners in Reseda. Consistently maintaining the trees comes with a certain level of risk, particularly if you do not have the industrial equipment required to do the job properly. Whether your trees need pruning or you have an old stump that needs to be ground down and disposed of, we have the training, experience and equipment to do the job effectively. In addition to stellar customer service, our priority is leaving your property both looking picturesque and safe for the upcoming wildfire season.

Brush Clearing In Reseda

Clearing the brush is a crucial component of preparing your property for wildfire season. Loose, dry brush is the main source of fuel that wildfires feed on and having too much on your property will accelerate its spread. Collectively limiting the impact of wildfires is part of being a conscientious, responsible member of the San Fernando Valley community. Thus, staying on top of brush clearing not only protects your family and property, but those of your neighbors as well. At Green Leaf Zone, we make vegetation management and brush clearing a breeze. Our expert team uses specialized equipment to leave your outdoor space looking tidy and more importantly, in accordance with local wildfire safety ordinances.

Fire Safety in Reseda

In recent years, as the frequency of wildfires continues to rise, the City of Los Angeles has issued requirements for brush and weed clearing in an effort to reduce the impact of fires in Southern California. California fire departments insist that home and business owners create defensible space on their property so that our firefighters can position themselves between your home and have the necessary space to stop the fire in its tracks. Green Leaf Zone has decades of experience creating defensible space for homeowners on a regular basis and we are well-versed in the local fire safety precautions.

Tree Removal & Brush Clearing You Can Count On

Maintaining the appearance of your outdoor space and staying in accordance with wildfire safety ordinances can be overwhelming, particularly for homeowners who lack the tools and expertise required to manage vegetation properly. If you’re seeking tree removal or brush clearing services in the San Fernando Valley, contact us 24/7 to address all your needs.