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What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Property?

Trees make a lovely addition to any yard. Lush, green trees can beautify your landscape and boost your home’s curb appeal.

But what do you do when a tree falls on your property? Whether it’s caused by a natural disaster or disease, a fallen tree on your property can be much more than just an eyesore. It can also be an accident waiting to happen.

If a tree comes crashing down on your property, don’t fret! The tree trimming experts at Green Leaf Zone are here to help.

Here’s what you should do if a tree falls on your property.

Evacuate and Ensure Everyone is Safe

Bang! The moments immediately following a tree fall can be scary and stressful. If you, any of your family members, or pets are around the fallen tree, the first thing you need to do is get out of your home and make sure everyone is safe. This is especially important if the tree has hit your roof or the side of your home. Get everyone out of the house and onto the street. Be sure to check if the tree has knocked any electric wires down. Call emergency services or your local fire department if you are worried about any serious injuries or dangerous structural damage.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If the fallen tree on your property has not damaged anything, you can go ahead and call a tree removal company, such as Green Leaf Zone. However, if the fallen tree has damaged your home, large landscaping structures, or any other buildings on your property, you should contact your insurance company. They can provide all of the information you need to cover the costs of the damages.

Take Photos 

If it’s safe to go near your house, take numerous pictures of the damage from different angles. This will help your insurance company to know what damages occurred. It will also ensure that you have accurate documentation of the damage in the event your insurance claim doesn’t get approved.

Call a Tree Services Company


After you’ve called your homeowner insurance provider and have taken photos of all the damage, your next step should be to call a tree removal service company like Green Leaf Zone. You should also line up an appointment with a restoration company that can tell you how long the repair process is going to take.

Be sure to find a tree service company that also specializes in stump grinding or removal. After a tree falls, the last thing you want is an ugly stump left in its place.

Secure Your Space

If your home isn’t safe to occupy after the tree falls, secure your space before staying with relatives or friends. This includes removing any valuables from your home and properly storing them. A restoration company can temporarily secure your home so additional debris, water, or snow stays out.

Don’t forget to carefully remove all items from the shed or any other outbuilding a fallen tree might have hit.

Dealing with the Details

As the repair process begins, determine what other items have been impacted by the fallen tree. These can include damaged furniture, vehicles, outdoor equipment, and other possessions. You also need to consider if your gutters need to be replaced or if your landscape needs to be restored.

Warning Signs Your Tree Might Fall

Long before a sick tree comes toppling down, you might notice a few red flags. Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • Dead or falling branches: If a tree is diseased or dying, you might notice dead or falling branches. This happens because the branches aren’t getting the nutrients they need to survive from the tree. These branches must be removed by a team of professional tree trimmers right away.
  • Deep marks or missing bark: An area of a tree that is missing bark, indented, or deeply gashed is known as a “canker,” similar to a sore. Cankers can increase the chances of a tree breaking at that spot and falling over.
  • Fungus growing on roots: If you notice mushrooms, a type of fungus, growing on or near the roots of a tree, it is likely that the roots are rotting. Fungi love moisture and will thrive in humid areas. A rotted root system can make the root structure weak. This makes it easier for strong winds to knock a tree over.
  • Roots near water: If a tree is growing near a lake, pond, or stream, its roots could get waterlogged and begin to decay. This increases the structural instability of the tree.
  • Raised or cracked soil: If you notice uprooting around where the tree’s trunk meets the ground, the tree must be stabilized before it falls.
  • Cracked trunk: Is the tree’s trunk cracked? This signifies the tree is beginning to split and needs to be removed.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s essential that you contact a professional tree care company right away to inspect the tree and cut it down if necessary.

Tree Removal Services You Can Trust 

If a tree has fallen on your property, contact the tree removal technicians at Green Leaf Zone today. We have over 35 years of cumulative experience and proudly serve the residents of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

If you need fast and dependable tree removal services, call us today at (818) 452-3470 for your free quote.

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