Maintaining your property means far more than just mowing your lawn. It’s also essential to clear away brush from your property, including dead leaves and palm fronds. Not only does this help keep your property looking pristine and boost its curb appeal, but brush clearing is also crucial for wildfire prevention .

With California properties predicted to have a six-fold increase in wildfire risk in the next 30 years, it’s important to protect yours. Brush clearing for wildfire prevention should be a regular part of every property owner’s spring cleaning routine. Having a professional clear the loose, dry brush can significantly reduce your risk of fire damage. 

In addition, brush clearing will create defensible space if a wildfire was to strike. Defensible space is a buffer that property owners should create between their structures and any trees, grass, shrubs, or other surrounding wildland areas. This space is essential to wildfire prevention across Los Angeles because it provides firefighters with the space they need to put out the flames.

For this reason, the Los Angeles Fire Department continues to update their local ordinances for brush clearance for properties across the Greater Los Angeles area. To help keep you updated on these changing rules and better understand what is required of you leading up to this year’s wildfire season, our brush clearing experts put together a Homeowner’s Guide to 2023 Los Angeles Brush Clearance Regulations.

To help you better understand the importance of brush clearing for wildlife prevention, the experienced arborists at Green Leaf Zone have created this handy infographic. Please review it to learn more about why clearing brush is crucial for your safety.

Brush Clearing for Wildfire Prevention Infographic

Keep your roof and gutter free of dead fronds, leaves, needles, and other vegetation. This prevents the wildfire from spreading onto your home.

Trimming dead branches back at least 4” from a powerline will reduce the risk of them catching on fire.

Clearing the dead brush from under trees and shrubs prevents flames from coming closer to your home. 

Keeping your lawn free of brush creates defensible space for firefighters to do their job and protect your home from wildfires.

As you can see from the infographic above, maintaining your property to protect it and your community against wildfires is a crucial task for all Los Angeles area property owners leading up to this year’s wildfire season. To help do your part and make sure you are covering all the bases, we even put together a Protecting Your Home Against Wildfires Checklist so you can stay on top of all your brush clearing and vegetation management responsibilities this spring.

Green Leaf Zone Can Keep You Safe

Green Leaf Zone is committed to protecting the residents of Los Angeles County by providing comprehensive brush clearing for wildfire prevention. With over 35 years of cumulative experience, we’ll effectively clear your property of dead vegetation. As a responsible company, our methods will not disturb the local wildlife.

To learn how our licensed, bonded, and insured team of arborists can help you protect your property this wildfire season, contact us today at 818-452-3470 for your free quote.