Your home is your oasis from an ever growing stressful world and you want to do everything possible to protect it and ensure it lasts for as long as possible. With so much importance inside your home with family heirlooms and mementos of the past, a wildfire threatening your home is the last thing you want. In Los Angeles, wildfires are a true, potential problem and the defensible space around your home’s structure should be properly maintained to help protect your home from possible fire damage. Brush clearing for all properties in fire hazard zones in Los Angeles is vital and here are just a few reasons why.

Defensible Space

In the event of a wildfire, fire crews often have to access key fire points through private property. These access points can provide a way for crews to get ahead of the flame and potentially protect more properties from being destroyed. By clearing away brush, you not only help your family, but potentially help your neighbors as well avoid devastation from wildfires.

Aesthetically Pleasing

No one wants to have the ugliest property in the neighborhood and unsightly brush is certainly not pretty to look at. Apart from being unsafe, an overgrown brush around your property is not the statement you want your property to make. Even if you are not intent on selling the property, a little curb appeal can certainly help you feel a little better about how the property looks.

Provides Usable Exterior Space

Space comes at a premium in any large city, but this is especially true in Los Angeles. Home and property owners must maximize as much space as possible on their property. When your usable outdoor space is overgrown with brush and debris, it cannot be enjoyed as much by you or your family. Clearing away that brush can provide a place for children to play and even a space to entertain once again. It is important that you live on your whole property and never be pinned in by brush taking over your usable outdoor space.

Increases Overall Value of Properties

Land clearing can be a significant task, but make no mistake about it, it is an important thing. Properties that continue to be overgrown will decrease in value over time. Cleared properties look maintained and therefore, appeal to potential buyers. Even if you are not selling your property currently, you want to ensure that its value stays competitive in the instance you need to refinance the property or for other financial reasons. Tree removal and brush clearing are essential for your property to maintain and grow in value.

Reduces Wildfire Susceptibility

2020 might have been a year we want to forget due to endless lockdowns, but it was also a significant year for wildfire damage. According to California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection in 2020, over 4 million acres of land was eradicated by wildfires. This encompassed 8,200 different wildfires throughout that year, which doubled the previous record held for the state. The problem is not going to get better. California’s growing drought crisis is looking worse every year, so protection of your property is even more important than ever before.

Wildfires spread quickly, and brush throughout your property can be a lightning rod for it. In addition to fires started by humans, many tall trees on your property can, potentially attract lightning, leading to organically manufactured wildfires that can devastate hundreds and thousands of acres over the course of just a few weeks. You do not want that on your mind during wildfire season, so take care of the overgrown brush and tree removal needs now before it is too late.

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Do Your Part for The Community

Los Angeles is a land of opportunity and growth, but when that growth is due to brush and debris, it needs to be eradicated. Plants are healthy and gardens are great, but certain overgrown brush attracts unwanted pests and wildfires and no one needs to have to deal with either. There is no way to stop wildfires completely, but if every property owner did their level best to ensure the safety of their own property, we would see far less personal loss from out of control wildfires, so do your part to ensure the safety of your family and neighbors.

To help protect you and your community this upcoming wildfire season, we even put together a Protecting Your Home Against Wildfires Checklist.

Never Leave Your Property to Chance – Choose Brush Clearing Services From Green Leaf Zone!

We are on the heels of wildfire season and now is the time to take action to secure your home and property throughout Los Angeles. When you have an overgrown brush acting like a beacon for wildfires, your home is certainly not safe from danger, so take action now by contacting Green Leaf Zone. We are experts when it comes to brush clearing services in Los Angeles, and we want to help you protect what is important to you. Our experience spans over 35 years and our certified team of experts understands everything there is to know about high quality brush clearing in Los Angeles and we want to make your property as safe as possible for the impending wildfire season.

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