The Golden State’s risk of wildfires is on the rise. Experts predict the threat of wildfires will increase by 57% by 2050.

Now is the time for Los Angeles County homeowners to take action. You can reduce the spread of wildfires and protect your property by creating and maintaining defensible space.

But what exactly is wildfire-defensible space, and what protocols should Californians follow?

The experts at Green Leaf Zone can answer all of these essential questions and more. Here are the top six frequently asked questions about defensible space. 

1. What Is Defensible Space? 

Defensible space protects your home or business from wildfires. It creates a buffer between your structures and the surrounding vegetation. These safe zones are clear of dead vegetation and help firefighters extinguish the flames, preventing the fire from spreading even further. 

2. What Are California’s Defensible Space Zones? 

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) advises residents to create 100+ feet of defensible space on their properties. This range is broken down into two zones, with an additional one extending beyond the recommended 100 feet for extra protection.

These three defensible space zones include: 

3. How Can I Maintain My Defensible Space? 

Proper property maintenance is the first step in staying safe. To maintain defensible space, keep your property clear of dead or dry vegetation, including dead palm fronds and leaves. This drastically reduces the wildfire’s ability to spread.

A few additional tips to keep in mind are:

4. Why is Defensible Space Necessary?

Many wrongly assume that defensible space isn’t necessary because the fire department will protect their homes. However, firefighters and first responders need sufficient room to fight the flames. Additionally, dead vegetation can increase the intensity of a wildfire. In these instances, firefighters may not be able to protect your home, even with adequate resources. 

5. When Should I Create Defensible Space? 

While you should always maintain defensible space on your property, creating these zones is especially important before wildfire season starts. In Southern California, wildfire season begins in late spring (May through June) and runs until late October. 

6. Who Can Help Me Create a Defensible Space? 

Creating and maintaining a defensible space by yourself is a challenging task. It’s always best to seek professional help. Green Leaf Zone specializes in brush clearing and tree removal services. Our experienced arborists will thoroughly clear your property of all dead vegetation and can help maintain it throughout the year.   

We also offer additional tree services, including tree trimming and stump grinding. This keeps your property clear of any problematic vegetation that promotes the spread of wildfires. 

Protecting Los Angeles Property Owners 24/7

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