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What You Need to Know: Los Angeles Brush Clearance Regulations 2022

Thoroughly removing your brush doesn’t just keep your property spick and span. It also protects your home from the threat of wildfires. Unfortunately, many brush fires in California have been caused by homeowners attempting to remove dead brush from their property. The spark that caused the fire can be made by the metal blades found on motorized equipment.

 That’s why if you need brush clearing services, it’s smart to call the experts to help you meet Los Angeles’ brush clearance regulations for 2022. Green Leaf Zone’s certified arborists have over 35 years of cumulative experience and can efficiently remove all the unsightly – and even hazardous – brush from your lawn.

To turn your property into a defensible space, it’s essential to know and follow Los Angeles’ 2022 brush clearance regulations. 

Use our handy infographic below to stay compliant and safe.


2022 Los Angeles County Brush Clearance Regulations

Clearing the loose, dry brush on your property is an essential part of protecting your home and community against wildfires. Use this handy breakdown of LA’s 2022 brush clearance regulations to protect your property from wildfires.

Keep your roof clear of leaves, twigs, needles, and other debris. Don’t let overhanging branches come within less than 5 feet of your roof.

Keep all trees trimmed so that all foliage is 10+ feet away from your chimney. If the tree is larger than 18 feet, trim the lower branches so all foliage is more than 6 feet off the ground. For trees and shrubs shorter than 18 feet, remove all lower branches to 1/3 of their height. Keep the ground clear of all dead materials.

Keep all grass and native brush within 200 feet of your fence or shed at a height of 3 inches or less. For added protection, only install fire-resistant fencing on your property.

Keep your spread material at least 10 feet away from all roadways.

Our Brush Clearing Experts Will Help Protect Your Home From Wildfires

Green Leaf Zone has been protecting Los Angeles County homes from wildfires for decades.  Our licensed and insured team will thoroughly clear your property of brush to help you meet Los Angeles’ 2022 brush clearance regulations. As an environmentally conscious company, we always use eco-friendly techniques to minimize the impact on trees, soil, and wildlife.  

To get your free brush clearing quote, contact us today by calling (818) 452-3470.

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